Top 9 Tourist Attractions in Denver

Denver, the capital of Colorado has a lot to offer as far as tourist attractions are concerned. The city offers a perfect blend of urban sophistication and outdoor adventure making it perfect for tourists looking to enjoy a bit of both worlds. Located close enough to the Rocky Mountains, the city is a good base for those looking to take trips to the Rockies. Cultural attractions such as museums are in plenty and adventure sports enthusiasts have a lot to see and do in this city. Below are the top 10 tourist attractions in Denver and some of the reasons why you should visit these places whether you are a resident or you are just visiting Denver for a few days.

  1. The Botanic Gardens
  2. Denver-Botanic-Gardens-Courtney-Jordan-2(pp_w816_h385)
    The Denver Botanic Gardens not only features indigenous plant species but also include plants from other parts of the world. With over 40 individual gardens in both natural landscapes and formal gardens the botanical gardens are ideal for those looking to enjoy the best of nature without having to leave the city. The Denver Botanic Gardens also feature an amphitheater that is mostly used to hold concerts in the summer.

    You can read more about the Denver Botanical Gardens at . The gardens physical address is 1007 York Street, Denver, CO 80206-3799, United States.

  3. Denver Art Museum
  4. This museum has an impressive collection of art from different tribes and cultures. Here you will see the best of African, Indian, Asian, American, European, Oceanic and Spanish art. The art collection includes the work of both seasoned and novice artists and some pieces date back to more than 2000 years ago. There is also an entire gallery dedicated only to photography. The Museum building design, inspired by the Rocky Mountains peaks is also quite an attraction.

    You can get more details about the art museum at . The Denver Art Museum physical address is 100 W 14th Avenue Parkway.

  5. Denver Zoo
  6. The zoo contains quite a variety of wildlife which possibly explains why it is one of the most popular attractions in Denver. The Zoo was started in the late 1800s and has been undergoing numerous upgrades over the years. These upgrades are designed to enhance the visitor experience while also ensuring that the zoo remains a comfortable home for all animals therein.

    You can get more details about the Denver Zoo at The Denver Zoo physical address is 2900 E 23rd Avenue.

  7. The Coors Field
  8. This is the Colorado Rockies baseball club home field. Tours to the stadium are organized throughout the year though only a limited number of tickets are available in a day. You may therefore need to purchase a ticket in advance in order to get a chance to see some action and learn a thing or two about the stadium. You can also dine in the mountain Ranch Club either indoors or outside when the weather is good.

    You can get more information about Coors Field Tours at . The stadium physical address is 20th and Blake Streets.

  9. Larimer Square
  10. Larimer square features pre-war buildings that have been refurbished but retain that wild-west look. The district is a major entertainment district that has numerous shops, galleries and restaurants. It is therefore a great place to shop for anything from cowboy attires to modern and chic attires. In the evenings tourists can have dinner or enjoy a drink in the many sport bars and brew pubs as they enjoy some live entertainment by popular bands and comedians.

    Find more about Larimer Square on the official website at

  11. Colorado State Capital
  12. The Colorado state capital is a classical style building with a round dome at the top. This building provides a perfect place to get the best views of the Denver’s skyline and the city at large.

    Find more about Colorado state Capitol official on its official website at The physical Capitol official address is Broadway and East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80203, United States.

  13. Museum of Nature and Science
  14. denver-museum-of-nature-and-science
    At the museum of nature and science visitors get to see the remains of ice age animals that include the large dinosaur skeletons. The museum is also home to a number of artifacts especially those of the prehistoric Indian origin. Another attraction in the museum is the largest gold nuggets found in Colorado.

    Find more details about the museum of Nature and Science at The museum’s physical address is 2001 Colorado Boulevard.

  15. United States Mint
  16. This is one of the six facilities in the United States where the American currency is created. The mint also houses the country’s gold reserves. A guided tour around the facility is provided where visitors get to learn about the history of money and the processes involved in making money. Visitors also get a chance to buy souvenirs from the gift shop on the site. Visitors are required to make reservations through the official website at

    The facility’s physical address is 320 West Colfax Avenue.

  17. 16th street Mall

16th street is right at center of the city. The street is lined with souvenir shops, boutiques, street traders and department stores. There are numerous beautiful flower beds, shady trees and park benches where visitors can relax as they shop. The only traffic here is a free shuttle that ferries people to and from the street mall.

You can get more details on the 16th street mall at

These are the top 10 tourist attractions in Denver. Other top-rated tourist attractions you can visit in this city include the Downtown Aquarium, the Denver Center for Performing Arts, and the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative art.

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