How Garage Door Armor Helps to Protect Your Garage Door

car break inIt is a thing that no property owner would like to think about – burglaries as well as break-ins. You’re feeling as though your house is your fortress and it is safeguarded from all the ugliness of the external world. However, the reality is a lot more challenging. The truth is a theft takes place every 15 seconds. That results in nearly 7,000 break-ins each day in the USA. Over 50% of all break-ins take place when you are at work in the daytime. When a house is broken into, it usually costs the property owners an average of more than $2,200. Probably the scariest figure, nevertheless, is this one… A burglar can enter your house in 6 seconds!

A YouTube video clip has lately gone viral with more than 170,000 hits outlining what is called the “6 Second Break-In”. This kind of break-in doesn’t take any sophisticated tools. All the thief requires is a wire coat hanger along with a wooden wedge. Also, this is becoming more prevalent since once a burglar utilizes these devices to get entry to your garage he can easily pull an automobile inside the garage plus load it up, without needing to get out of a damaged window. Since they are not as noticeable, they may also take their own time and browse around more for the concealed variables.

The very first thing a burglar is going to do is quickly put the wooden wedge into the gap on top of the garage door, making a little bit of room for him to operate. Next, he’s going to fish a coat hanger via the space till it hooks on the door’s manual. As soon as this is snagged, they have got entry to your residence. The manual release opens the door and enables the robber to lift it without the requirement for a door opener remote device. In case you look at the video, you can observe that he could do all this in under 6 seconds.

In case you are panic-stricken by this, do not worry! There’s a way to avoid this: Garage Door Armor. It is such a fantastic tool for avoiding break-ins because of its simplicity. It takes only a couple of seconds to break the shield facing the trolley. As soon as in place, a robber will never be able to pull the door release since Garage Door Armor will obstruct its path. When the thief becomes aware of this, he will just go to the next home searching for a simpler target. Garage Door Armor is furthermore an excellent tool since it doesn’t stop you from accessing the emergency release cord. It just keeps those people who are outside the garage from tugging it. Additionally, there is an improved version referred to as Garage Door Armor Pro which may be installed in under a couple of minutes providing you with extra protection.

Thieves are increasingly becoming smarter and more intelligent. However, it does not imply that you cannot out-think them and also prevent yourself from becoming a target. Garage Door Armor will effortlessly safeguard your property from the 6 Second Break-In. You do not require a drawbridge as well as a moat to safeguard your fortress. All that’s necessary is this straightforward tool for frustrating the burglars and sending them searching for their next goal.

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