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Garage doors may be a lovely addition to the general look of your home. With the appropriate garage door in place, your home may even get a completely new look. Nevertheless, you need to make certain the garage door is also in great working condition to serve its practical purpose. Maybe your garage door panel is broken because of wear and tear which is obviously inconvenient. In addition to giving it an ugly look, a damaged garage door panel may impede smooth functioning within the garage door track.

Managing Cracks and Defects in Garage Door Panels

Garage doors are often used violently with little regard for potential damage. A visible ding is left in the garage door if you accidentally use the gas pedal in place of your break, or your kid bumps into the door panels with a bike or skateboard. Occasionally the impacts are not too heavy and there is no issue with functionality of the door except for an unattractive look. If you do not mind living with these small dents or dings, then nothing to bother about. However, some dents or cracks may be severe enough to affect proper operation of the garage door. In these situations, you need to call a skilled garage door maintenance organization; for example, Choice Garage Door Service.

Broken Panel Fixing and Replacement

In some instances, garage door panels can be fixed. By adding additional struts you could possibly fortify the cracked section and give your garage door some extra life. However, if the crack or dent is very severe, changing it completely will be the best solution. You might be able to find the same panel on the market and avoid having to buy a whole new garage door. Nevertheless, that’s not always a guarantee, especially if you have an old model garage door. Here you will need to purchase a new set of panels and replace the old ones instead of merely the broken one.

Favored Denver Garage Door Panel Replacement Service


Whether you prefer to repair or replace just one panel, or you want an entirely new garage door, we can assist you in getting the right door at the right price. We will go to your office or house and take out the old panel(s) and replace it with the brand new one. You may confidently leave the task of getting your door functional again to us. Rather than ignore a bent or broken garage door panel, you need to do something about it. One issue will trigger another which will ultimately cost you a lot of money and even necessitate entire door replacement.

Expert Service Each time at Choice Garage Door Service

Get professional repair service as early as you can. It is absolutely wise to handle minor issues at lower cost rather than depleting your wallet to solve a bigger problem due to avoidable delay. Therefore give us a call in Denver right now at (303) 214-0279 for exceptional quality and service for broken panel repair and replacement. We are also accessible on the internet.

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