Garage Door Cost

If you are in the market for a new garage door and you are expecting to see only a few styles and designs, you are in for a huge surprise. There is a wide variety of garage doors in the market today and the options you have cannot be compared to what was available a few years back. Even better, the garage doors in the market today are much more secure, stronger, and come with better insulation. That said, your budget will determine the kind of garage door you take home. Different doors come at different prices but you can be guaranteed that there is a good garage door in the market for you whatever your budget.

Below is a breakdown of the costs involved in getting a new garage door. We will also discuss the cost of repairing your old door and when this would be the ideal choice for you. It is important to remember that a good garage door is not only easy to operate but it also enhances your home exterior and tremendously improves the value of your home. This is in addition to keeping all your valuables in the garage safe and out of harm’s way. You should, therefore, consider a garage door as an investment and go with the best quality and match you can get for your garage.

Cost of New Garage Door

A new garage door will cost anything between $200 and $4000. The door cost is dependent on a number of factors such as quality, the material used to make the door and insulation. This does not necessarily mean that the most expensive doors are best, far from it. What this means is that quality comes at a cost and you should not go for the cheapest option if you want a good door that will serve you well for years.

The garage doors in $200 price range are normally single door while those on the higher end of the scale are high quality double insulated doors. On average, most homeowners spend slightly over $1000 on a new garage door. This amount includes the cost of buying fasteners, adhesives and connectors needed to hold the new door in place.

Insulated doors are generally pricier when compared to other doors. They are however considered a better option as they are energy efficient and can lower your energy bill. They are also considerably stronger since they come in at least 3 layers. They are also quieter compared to other door types in the market.

Cost of Installing the New Garage Door

Installation costs include the cost of removing and disposing of the old garage, the cost of putting up the new one and also the cost of doing the electrical wiring needed to ensure that the new door is functioning properly. Some owners choose to install the new door by themselves in order to save a few bucks. This is however not advisable because the sheer weight of some doors can jeopardize your safety. Also, a professional knows how to install any type of garage doors safely and efficiently. Engaging a professional will save you the energy and the countless hours you would have otherwise spent wondering what parts goes where with minimal if any success.

If you opt to go the DIY way get a door that is easy to maneuver and install. A hi-tech door is not easy to install and you may have to call for some help at some point. You can get some installation tips from the garage door seller you buy from or from family and friends who have done this before.

If you choose to hire a professional you should be prepared to spend from $150- 400 to get the garage door installed. This amount can go much lower or higher and you need to take your time and ensure that you get nothing short of the best deal available. There are also garage door sellers who offer installation services at a much-discounted price. Be sure to check with the service providers what services are offered as some break down the installation costs and this may confuse you into thinking they are cheaper.

Garage Door Opener Cost

The cost of the garage door opener is another important factor to consider. Modern doors come with electric openers that cost anywhere between $100 and $400. You may find a garage door that will work with your old opener if you are lucky. In that case, buying a new one is pointless. If your new garage is considerably heavier than your old one, however, the old opener will be in no position to handle the added weight. You will, therefore, have no choice but to invest in a new garage opener.

Cost of Repairing an Old Garage Door

Repairing an old garage door only makes sense if the door is generally in good condition and only minor adjustments need to be made. Repairing costs may be anywhere between $500 and $2500. The cost of repairing and replacing worn out parts is dependent on your door material, the number of parts and accessories that need to be replaced and also the labor cost if you hire a professional to do the job.

Below are some common problems where repairing a garage door is a good option

  • A garage door that does not close properly. The problem here can be clogging, warping or a loose part somewhere.
  • Worn out or frayed metal cables. This may make the garage door loose and the door can fall on someone if immediate action is not taken. The worn out metal cables need to be replaced for the door to continue functioning properly.
  • Loose brackets that may cause the door to fall. Simply tightening the loose brackets will resolve your problem.
  • Worn out springs that prevent the door from going either up or down. The door will start functioning properly once the worn out springs are replaced.
  • Anything beyond the above and a few other simple problems may be too costly and buying a new door may be much cheaper in the long run. If you are torn between repairing and getting a brand new door, get a professional opinion from someone who is conversant with your garage door type and the problem with your current door. Check out this garage door price calculator. Get a quotation for the repair works and compare that with the cost of installing a new door. You can then make an informed decision on whether to repair or get a new door for your garage.

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