Garage Door Buying Guide

Though most garages are designed to house a car, most of them end up being a store room for a miscellany of other things. However you use it, the garage door should be strong and secure so as to keep your things safe. But security isn’t the only consideration when choosing a garage door- the aesthetic appeal of the garage door is an important factor as well. Below is an ample guide that will reveal to you everything you need to know (and do) when you are shopping for a garage door.

The Garage Door Construction

doormaterials Garage doors are usually composite of different materials. For example, there are steel garage doors, wood garage doors, aluminum garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, and composite garage doors.

Fiberglass garage doors are characteristically lightweight, translucent, and offer better resistance to the effects of salt air. That is why fiberglass doors are often chosen for places where light transmission is important and where there are corrosive ocean climates.

The downside is that fiberglass is a poor insulator, yellows with age, and is easy to break more so during frigid weather conditions.

Steel garage doors are the strongest of them all. Yes, they are stronger and secure than aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. And, due to new technologies that make it possible to emboss metals with wood-grain patterns, steel garage doors can nowadays be made to look like wood- but without the maintenance headaches.

Steel doors have a reputation for standing up to the elements. They also don’t warp, lose their lamination, or crack. Plus, most feature a baked-on polyester finish which means that they are not susceptible to rusting and do not require regular repainting as much as wooden garage doors do.

The downside, however, is that garage steel doors dent and are difficult to repair.

Aluminum garage doors are more or less like steel garage doors as they can also enjoy wood-grain embossing as well as have durable finishes. Aluminum garage doors are fairly popular because they are lightweight, do not easily rust, and are comparably inexpensive.

Lastly, there are doors made from wood. People who prefer all-wood garage doors do it because of their natural look, and are affordable. But there are people who give wood garage doors a wide berth because wood expands, contracts, and can bend and crack as it weathers. Thus, wooden garage doors require a lot of maintenance such as refinishing and repainting after every few years.

Insulated Garage Door Vs. non-insulated Garage Door

garage door insulationChoosing whether to buy an insulated garage door or an non-insulated garage door will depend on the climate in your area; whether there is a living space attached to the garage as well as how often you use the garage.

Insulated garage doors are crucial if there is a living space attached to the garage, and if you use the garage room as a work space. If the garage is attached to the home or living space, the air in the garage can pass through the doorway to the living area. Thankfully, if the door is insulated, it will reduce the amount of outside temperatures that enter the garage to make their way to your living area. And, if you use the garage area as a work space, the garage door will help to reduce temperature fluctuation in the garage room. What is more? An insulated door is typically quieter and features a more attractive interior than an ordinary non-insulated door.

But if you are using the garage room basically for the storage of your car and other equipment, and the garage is not attached to any living space, then there is no need to expense yourself procuring an insulated garage door. A non-insulated garage door will still serve you well if that be the case.

Garage Door Sizes and Styles

carriage doorFirst, find out what size you need by measuring the height, thickness and width of the garage door area.

Then consider the style. It is great to choose a style which complements your house’s exterior. Window panels are a fantastic way to include a personal touch to the garage door.

The panel design can also add a personal style to the garage door. You have four panel designs to choose from: flush panels, carriage house panels, long raised panels, and short raised panels. Flush panels are often flat and slightly textured and can be useful in complementing the surrounding wall area but without drawing too much attention to the garage door itself. Long raised panels add depth and distinction to the door at the same time improving the overall home aesthetic. Short, raised panels also add depth to the door, and are suitable for vintage-style homes.


Safety is a very important consideration when shopping for the right garage door. Safety in this sense comprises two main points: protecting the homeowner from injuries and protecting the home from burglars and other intruders.

Since so many homeowners keep some valuables in their garages, many thieves understand that if they can break into the garage, they can get away with some loot. To prevent that, proper garage doors should have mechanisms that prevent or minimize forced entry. At the very least, as a homeowner, you need a garage door manufactured with impervious metals. Remote control devices can also alleviate the numerous safety concerns. If the garage door you buy is one that swings out, then it should have safety features that can prevent sudden outward bursts, thus, reducing the risk of someone’s fingers being caught in the door as they close it. If possible get a garage door featuring polyurethane insulation. Polyurethane insulation significantly reduces the risk of fire.


denver garage door opener
There are many opener styles that homeowners can choose from. Garage door openers often come with wireless keypads, batteries, extra cases, three-function wall consoles, and up to three button transmitters. Homeowners should opt for openers that feature the longest range as well as a record of consistent, unfailing performance.

Other Factors

There are other factors you need to consider- for example, the driveway space of the garage door and the cost. But cost shouldn’t be so important a factor as most garage doors that cost high offer the best security and safety. It may cost a fortune to buy a garage door, but the garage door performs very important functions such as protecting your assets, etc.

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