Denver Garage Door Spring Repair


One of the most common garage door problems homeowners will face is the broken garage door spring. They tend to break violently, creating a loud noise. They also can be a bit dangerous since they have very strong forces held within them. You don’t want to be near them when they release. This is the type of repair job that seems simple and easy but is actually a very serious task to undertake. For those who are experts at garage door servicing, it can be a fairly quick repair, yet there is some inherent danger for those who do not know enough about how these springs work and the best practices when installing or removing them. It is possible that serious injury or even death may occur from a very bad tension or torsion spring accident.

If you don’t have the expertise and the proper tools to perform a garage door spring replacement safely, the only advisable course of action to take is to call a professional garage door spring replacement service in Denver.

When is it Time for Denver Garage Door Spring Repair?

For those who would rather not wait for something terrible to happen and you know your garage door is very old and has not had any work done to it over the years, go out and raise the door a foot off the ground. If it crashes back down, the springs are past their prime and need to go. If it slowly descends and then stops before touching the ground, the spring may have some life left in it. In this case, a tech may be able to adjust the spring. Be careful; you do not want to adjust it more than a quarter turn. Any more than that will compromise the spring and make it more likely to break.

If your garage door opener can’t lift the door, then your spring is probably already broken. Take a look at the spring. It should be fairly easy to see if it is snapped in two. Whatever you do, stop trying to force the automatic opener to raise the door. This will damage the gears.

If you have a dual spring setup and one breaks, you may be able to manually lift the door, prop it open, and then get your vehicle out.
In all of these scenarios, you should call Choice Garage Door Service.

Torsion Spring Replacement Services in Denver

Our spring replacements last for a very long time because we always use the highest quality torsion springs. The springs that we install have a life span of 10,000 cycles. This will normally last for about 7-10 years of normal use. Get a free estimate on your garage door spring replacement when you call us today.

We service both single and double spring configurations.

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