10 Reasons to Move to Denver

Denver is a metropolitan city with a bit of some western charm. The city is home to about three million people and this number is expected to keep on rising in the near future. The city has a lot to offer in terms of cultural attractions, outdoor activities, and sporting events. To make things even better the overall growth rate here is above the national average and getting a job in the city is not as hard. This together with blue skies, breathtaking views and relatively low cost of living make this a great city to live in. If you are not yet convinced here are 10 more reasons why you should consider moving to Denver.

  1. Perfect Place to Work and Play
  2. Denver was ranked 6th on the list of best places for business and Careers by Forbes Magazine. This makes this city one of the top cities where you are more likely to land a job or run a successful business in no time at all. After work you can choose to enjoy the incredible nightlife, go shopping downtown or bike around the town to see the best that city has to offer. You can also head to the Rockies on weekends or go for weekend getaways in the many attractions that are just a stone throw away from the city.

  3. Convenient Location
  4. Denver is conveniently located at the center of the country. This not only makes the city great for business but also means that it is relatively easy to access almost all other states in the country. The town is served by an international airport and flights to different states are both quick and inexpensive.

  5. Great Weather for a Good Part of the Year
  6. Denver is one of the few cities in this country where you can enjoy close to 300 days of sunshine every year. It is however important to remember that sunscreen and a good pair of sunglasses will do you a lot of good in this city especially when the sun is up. The winters here can also be brutal but this should not discourage you as the winters are relatively short. The fact that good weather awaits in a few months is also very comforting during the cold months.

  7. The Denver Zoo
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    The Denver Zoo is a great place to see animals from all over the world all year round. The zoo is continually being upgraded to enhance the visitors’ experience while also ensuring that it is a comfortable home for all the animals. The zoo lights event that goes on for a few weeks in winter not only makes the zoo breathtaking but also brings some cheer into an otherwise boring season.

  9. This is a Biker’s Paradise
  10. If your definition of a perfect day is taking a ride to work with the sun on your face and the wind on your hair then Denver is an ideal place for you. There are many bike paths ranging from the picturesque 40 mile Cherry Creek path to the shorter but equally beautiful paths found in the suburbs. You can bike around these bike paths to keep fit or just for fun. Getting around the city on your bike is also very easy. Thanks to the Denver B Cycle bike sharing system you can still cycle around town even if you do not own a bike.

  11. Beers
  12. Denver is known as one of the best beer cities in the country. With a good number of breweries and microbreweries this is a great place to be if you like to take a cold mug of beer after a long day at work. Here you will also find the legendary My Brother’s Bar among many other notable and exciting establishments. The patrons in the establishments get to enjoy great food, quite a variety of drinks and live entertainment from time to time.

  13. Lots of Art for Art Lovers
  14. Art lovers find the Denver Art Museum irresistible thanks to the extensive art collection here. The museum building is in itself a masterpiece and this together with the impressive collection of both contemporary and modern art makes this museum quite an attraction. Entry fee for residents is waived some days of the week and art lovers can enjoy the art here as much as they want without having to pay a dime. The Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art and the Denver Centre for the performing Arts are also great hangouts for art lovers. Music festivals are also very common here in summer.

  15. Great Food
  16. If you like to whip a tasty meal at home every now and then you will find quite a variety of butchers and specialty grocers in The Source. The Source also houses local brewers and bakers all under one roof. The Denver Chop house is a great place to get a steak whenever you are craving some good meat. You can also enjoy tasty meals at Steuben’s and other restaurants within the city.

  17. Numerous Sporting Activities
  18. Denver is home to four major sports teams. Sport lovers can watch the Colorado Rockies at the Coors field or the Broncos do what they do best. These two teams together with the Avalanche and Nuggets offer enough exiting to last sport lovers throughout the year. Tickets to the Coors stadium are readily available for the locals and sport enthusiasts can get to see some action several days in a week.

  19. 16th Street Mall
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This list of top 10 reasons why you should consider moving to Denver cannot be complete without mentioning the 16th Street Mall. Amid the town skyscrapers is the 16th street that contains numerous souvenir shops, boutiques and street traders. This street at the center of the city is a shoppers’ paradise and shoppers take a lot of beautiful and interesting items home. There are also beautiful flowerbeds, shade trees and park benches to sit on and take in all that goes around in this street. No vehicles are allowed on this street and the only traffic here is the mall shuttle bus that ferries people to and from the mall at no cost at all.

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